5 steps to your perfect wedding day hair by Billie-Mo Tredgett

One of my favourite hairstylist Billie-Mo Tredgett is sharing her wedding day hair tips. In case you’ve bookmarked this article, but forgot to read it – here are 5 steps to your perfect wedding day hair by Billie-Mo Tredgett.

Words by: Billie-Mo

Getting married can be one of the biggest events you’ll ever have to prepare for and becoming a bride is an incredibly unique journey for every woman individually. Your planning list seems never ending and making sure that everything is under control ahead of your big day can be daunting and stressful.

How you look on the day is overruling. All eyes are on you so it’s important that you feel the absolute best version of you!

You have to put so much trust in other people to get your big day just right, so you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll look perfect when you walk down the aisle.

My 5 steps to your perfect wedding day hair will help you make this process as stress free as possible. 

Step 1: Research:

The first step is to find a hair stylist with a strong portfolio that you like the look of (Instagram can be your most powerful tool at this stage). You need to make sure their style and vibe mirrors yours.

Then you’ll need contact them and get a quote that’s within your budget and to check their availability. I’d recommend allowing plenty of time before your wedding to select a stylist, ideally six months to a year. If there’s someone you simply must have, book them as soon as you know your wedding date.

photo by India Hobson

If you want that extra polished look for your big day then find a hairstylist with plenty of bridal hair experience. Bridal hair styling is very creative and intricate, so it’s important to find somebody who has the right abilities and passion to style your hair in the way you want.

Your hairdresser will suggest hairstyles for your bridesmaids that will compliment your chosen look and work alongside with what you want and what they feel comfortable with.

For an idea of the kind of bridal work I provide please follow my Instagram here:



Step 2: Get in touch:

So, you think you’ve found the one? Well, now it’s time to get in contact with the stylist themselves. If you stumbled upon them while flicking through Instagram, you can usually reach out to them by a simple DM. If you’re at a loss at what to say, here’s a template to help you out.

Hello [stylist’s name],

I love the hair looks you’ve created and I’m interested in learning more about your services. I am getting married on [your wedding date] at [your wedding venue], and wanted to check your availability. If possible, could you send across information on your packages and pricing and if we could meet for a consultation?

Thank you,

[your name and contact info]

Once they have replied the stylist will usually arrange your initial consultation.

photo by Danni Maytree

Step 3: Consultation:

It’s really important that your hairdresser takes the time to have a thorough consultation, this should take at least 15 minutes. It’s important that you get to know your hair stylist and their way of working, so you’re happy and confident with how you’ll look and feel on your big day.

During your consultation your hairdresser will get an understanding of your specific needs and styles. They’ll advise you about what works best for your style and will work with you.

A good hairdresser wants to work with you to create your vision for the big day and will experiment with different looks and styles until you are totally happy. You should have an open and honest relationship, so don’t be shy about your opinions.

I would highly recommend bringing a photo or example of your wedding dress to the consultation. The style of your dress and neck line are really important to your stylist so they can really get it right for you.

Step 4: Your trial:

When you have your trial is completely up to you, some people choose to have it 6 months before then its a sealed deal and can be put on the check list, some prefer to have it just a few weeks before as it’s more exciting that way and all other attributes are confirmed by this point i.e hair colour and length. You should always have a trial with your wedding hair stylist before hiring them so that you’re not met with any surprises on your big day.

Usually the stylist uses the products that they’ll be using on your big day so you can see if they hold up. If you want to try a range of styles but don’t want to put your hair through the stress in one day, you can always book an extra trial appointment.

Step 5: On the day preparations

Make sure that you, your bridesmaids and everyone involved will know what is happening on the morning of the wedding and that you have checked with your stylist if any prep i.e washing has to be done the night before. This will ensure things run smoothly on the day.

Don’t forget to keep your make-up artist in the loop with hair prep. That way your stylists can work as a team and keep everything running like clockwork. It’s essential that you and your bridesmaids run on time to avoid that panic situation where the hairdresser does not have time to work on the bride because the make-up artist took too long or vice versa.

If you’re in the process of booking wedding hair here are the key points to remember:

  • Gather a ton of photos—the more you can add about what you love/don’t love about each look, the better.
  • Look at a stylist’s portfolio before you do a trial. If the aesthetic of what they’ve selected as their best work doesn’t vibe with yours, look for someone else.
  • Bring any hair accessories or makeup you plan to use on your big day to your trial.
  • And finally, remember that you’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person on your big day, so it should be someone you like!

photo by India Hobson

For more hair inspiration and Billie-Mo’s work check out her instagram account @BillieMoHair. If you like what you see, drop her a line! 

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