5 tips to get amazing confetti shots on your wedding day

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Being involved in a lot of weddings as a wedding photographer, the confetti shots are one of the best moments to capture. With all the colourful confetti in the air, a happy newlywed couple holding hands and lots of joyful faces around, it makes a perfect occasion to capture.

For confetti shots inspirations, I have a Pinterest board on all confetti shots that I’ve captured.

There are ways to get those awesome confetti shots that you are proud to print as photos or to include in your wedding album. Want to know how to get those killer confetti shots? Well, here are a few tips.

1. The type of confetti matter

Type of confetti- It is one of the critical things that make the confetti shots come out beautiful. Having shot many weddings, I would recommend paper confetti over flowers because they floats really well in the air. If you have to go for flower petals, lightweight flower petal confetti like delphiniums and wildflowers are great as they are feather-light, this allows them to float on the air longer before making their way down to the ground. Also, please consider confetti canons. They are perfect for confetti shots. You can get them on Etsy or Amazon.

2. It comes in the right colour

One of the ways to get a breathtakingly beautiful confetti shot is to choose the right colour of confetti. This is by choosing the colour according to the background. Simply put, make a contrast and see the magic. You could perhaps start thinking about having dark-coloured and multi-coloured confetti if you are having a beach party with a light background. However, if your venue has a dark décor, bright and light-coloured confetti is your grab. Go for white coloured paper confetti for that classy and timeless look.

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3. Check the Venue restrictions

Some venues don’t allow confetti toss, on the contrary, some have designated confetti exit. Save yourself from the last minute disappointment and check in advance with the venue management. If the venue do not allot confetti, ask them if biodegradable confetti is an option. As the biodegradable confetti does not make hazardous wastes.

4. The guests play an important part too!

To make sure your confetti exit shot can be as amazing as possible, I always prep the guests responsible for tossing the confetti. Getting that epic confetti shot is easier when the guests know what they have to do and how. I will guide your guests on how to throw the confetti. Remember how we talked that the higher it is thrown, the better capture we can get. So, I always ask the guests to throw the confetti up in the air and not on the couple directly.

5. Cones are just to store confetti

When the guests are handed confetti in cones, they tend to toss the confetti out from the paper cones at the newlywed. This is great but to make it better, I like to get them to throw the confetti from their hand to get a scattered effect. Direct throw from the cone can result in confetti bunched in the air.

Bonus tip! Use a few confetti cannons to get that EPIC shot! 

Choosing a confetti canon makes the effect even more wonderful. The lightweight petals when blasted up high in the air with a cannon create a whimsical effect. The confetti are launch higher into the air compared to tossing by hand.

Now go ahead, prepare your confetti & hire the best wedding photographer for the big day! I’m based in Buckinghamshire but I shoot all over the country and takes on a small number of destination weddings.


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