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Five Tips to get your sparkler shots perfect

If you are planning to have a sparkler exit shot for your wedding, here are a few tips to make sure it runs smoothly and to help the pictures come out beautifully!

photographer wedding sparkler shot

1. Get long sparklers

Get long sparklers for a longer burning time. They allow for bigger sparks, will hold for longer periods of time, and everyone can be captured in the brighter photos.

50 pieces sparklers:

120 pieces sparklers:

photographer wedding sparkler shot night

2. Prepare Enough Lighters

We have a small timeframe for photos when the sparklers are lit. With a good amount of lighters handed over to your guests, everyone can light their sparklers at the same time. Some venues will lend you a blowtorch or firelighter from the kitchen, so it’s worth asking.
Be mindful of the wind. As you are outdoor, matches don’t work that well. You can go for either one of these options:

Long reach electric lighter:

Pack of 10 lighters:

Blowtorch (purchase canister separately):

3. Enjoy and have fun

Take your time when going through the crowd with the sparklers lit. Enjoy the moment, be in it, laugh, smile, kiss, dip your partner and give a twirl. This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, a bit of fun and joy to celebrate being with all your loved ones. Leave it to your photographer to get the good shots, just enjoy yourselves. Having more photos mean that there are more choices to pick from when it comes to the wedding album and gallery. 

photographer wedding sparkler shot night pembroke lodge

4. Communicate with your photographer

As timing is vital, communicate with the photographer the plan. The photographer will cue when you are ready to exit. 

5. Safety first

As we are dealing with sparks and fire, we have to be safe. Be careful of drunk guests and make sure that the venue has equipped you with a fire extinguisher and that there is a bucket of water/sand nearby to douse the sparklers when you are done. 

photographer wedding sparkler shot night

I’ve shot many weddings with sparklers exit. If you have any questions, please drop me a message. Wedding photography during the night can be challenging with low light, but if you hire the right photographer, you don’t have to worry about any missing shots on your wedding day. Contact me here.


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