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If you are looking for a destination wedding or elopement, how about Tulum, Mexico? One of the most sought-after destinations in the world, Tulum can provide the tropical wedding of dreams. Aside from the rainy season (August to November), Mexico is warm and sunny every day. With its historical landmarks, pristine beaches, and deep-rooted Mayan culture that shows itself in its delicious cuisine and architecture, you are bound to find a venue and beach perfect for your big day.

Take a look at Ant and Ira’s Tulum wedding gallery HERE. Getting married in Tulum, Mexico, means you get a two-in-one where you can spend your honeymoon in the place you got married. The beaches serve as a wonderful backdrop where you can say your vows in a chic-boho style, then relax and enjoy the sun and waves. Tulum has many experiences to offer, from its history to adventuring to its food; there is something there for everyone.

getting married in tulum mexico guide

This guide is here to show you what you need to get married in Tulum, including documentation (as off 2022), travel, wedding venues, and activities. The following information is relevant for both elopements and weddings. 

Requirements to get Married in Tulum as a British citizen:

  • Citizens of the UK can only be legally married in Mexico through a civil ceremony
  • It is possible to have a religious ceremony as long as you also have a civil ceremony
  • It is common in Mexico to have two ceremonies because of this
  • It is possible to get legally married back home in the UK and go to Tulum for a religious/symbolic wedding
  • As of 2015, the legal definition of marriage in Mexico includes same-sex couples
  • For more information, check out the Mexican Foreign Affairs website, the British Embassy in Mexico City, and the UK Government website for getting married abroad


Your wedding planner in Tulum may be able to help you obtain the right forms and documentation to get married. Generally, you will need the following documentation:

  • A full birth certificate
  • A valid passport
  • A valid Mexican tourist permit (e.g. tourist cards, visas, FM3, FM2)
  • Marriage application forms from the local registry office
  • An affidavit declaring single status authorised by a notary or solicitor declaring eligibility for marriage
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How to get to Tulum from the UK:

There are no direct flights from the UK to Tulum. However, it is easy to fly to Cancun and travel from there. Flights time from London to Cancun is around 11 hours.

Cancun is a two-hour drive from Tulum, depending on the weather conditions. You have several transport options to get there. The convenient and more comfortable way to travel is to arrange for a private shuttle to take you from the airport to your accommodation. You can also check with your hotel or resort to see if they provide transport. 

If you like to set your own time, you can hire a car. This method also makes sense if there are a few of you, you have a lot of luggage, or you want to do a lot of exploring. 

And if you are feeling particularly fancy, you can take the scenic route via helicopter. This will cost you almost £1000 per hour, but what a way to arrive!

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Best wedding venues:

Having spent some time in Tulum for weddings, I have seen many hotels and venues. I have compiled a list of my most recommended venues for your wedding or elopement here.

Things to do in Tulum:

  • Watch turtle nesting

The turtle nesting season in Mexico happens between May and November. If you want to see a mother turtle laying eggs, go around June to October. But if you intend to see those eggs hatch and watch as the baby turtles make their way to the sea, go to the beaches from late August to October.  There is no way to determine the day when the eggs will hatch, but the only chance of seeing it is staying longer in Mexico. See this article: https://castawaywithcrystal.com/turtle-laying-hatching-mexico/

  • Explore cenotes
cenote honeymoon after wedding

Cenotes are deep sinkholes that are the result of limestones collapsing that expose groundwater. The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico has been known to have a lot of beautiful cenotes that attract tourists from all over the world. See this article to see famous cenotes around Tulum: https://theculturetrip.com/north-america/mexico/articles/a-guide-to-exploring-the-cenotes-in-and-around-tulum/ 

  • Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is the ruins of an ancient Mayan city located in Yucatan, Mexico. It was a place of human sacrifice to the rain god Chaac. It is a popular tourist destination due to its long and interesting history.  Visit their site to find out more about Chichen Itza: https://www.chichenitza.com/

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  • Yoga

Almost all of the accommodations in Tulum offer Yoga activities as well as various other well-being activities. Check with your hotel to see their yoga schedule and what else they have to offer.

  • Explore Mayan ruins

Mexico is a place of rich, deep culture dating back to pre-colonial times. There are many Mayan ruins scattered throughout Mexico that are worth traveling for. See this article to know more about the Mayan ruins around Tulum: https://expertvagabond.com/mayan-ruins-mexico/

When is the best time to elope in Tulum?

The best time to elope or to get married in Tulum is probably from November to March. The weather then is a bit milder than during the summer months when temperatures can reach up to 30°C and you will miss out on the rainy season. Chances are that during the winter months, flights and accommodation will be cheaper than during the summer months.

Wedding suppliers in Tulum:

You may have already found various wedding suppliers from the UK that you would like to use in your destination wedding or elopement, but here are some recommendations for wedding suppliers set up in Tulum.

Coucoly Wedding Planner

Coucoly is an events and wedding planning company who will deal with everything from organisation, to decoration, to design. Ran by Nay, an agricultural engineer, garden designer, and landscaper will bring aspects of nature into your wedding theme in just the way you want it.

Destination Weddings Tulum

Destination Weddings Tulum will help you from start to finish with your wedding or elopement preparations. As seen on brides.com, this award-winning wedding planner has the expertise, and experience to make your dream Tulum wedding come to life.

Angelina Cardenas

Destination Weddings and Event Planner

Jun Tan Wedding Photographer

I hope that my portfolio speaks for itself when it comes to wedding beach photography. Not only in Tulum but from all over. The beach and the ocean work as a phenomenal backdrop for your wedding photography, and capturing the right angle in the right light is important. These are physical representations of your big day and I work hard to make them special.

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Disclaimer: Official documents and legal requirements might be out of date since the writing of this article, be sure to check this on the government official site.


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