Milton Keynes (where I live) is an hour drive from London and I travel everywhere for shoots. Being in Milton Keynes makes it easy for me to get to the airport and travel out the country for photo assignments.

Me and my wife both enjoy travelling, seeing new places, experiencing new cultures and appreciating good food. To name a few memorable experiences we encountered during our travels, we got caught in a sandstorm whilst in Iceland, spent 12 hours in Akihabara shopping for electronics, had the best KFC (Korean-fried-chicken) in Gangnam, got lost in a village near Plitvice National Park, climbed the highest peak in Madeira only to find ourselves trapped in a sea of clouds due to the heavy fog, had hot spring with Japanese wild monkeys...and the list goes on. 

Experience is what life is about and I want to help you save those in-between moments - the laughter and joy; captured in photographs. Years later when you look back at these pictures, I hope they help to rekindle your memories.

Destination weddings

Check out some of the destination work that I have photographed in places like Tulum, New York, Athens and Iceland to name a few.

If you are in the process of planning your destination wedding, this blog post might help you. 

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